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During the course of normal driving a vehicle’s engine will wear and go off tune, using excess fuel and causing pollution.  As spark plugs and injectors deteriorate, they will either need replacing or cleaning, followed by a tune-up to bring the engine back to its original settings.  At Edward’s Mechanical we tune all makes of cars and light trucks, bringing our client's vehicle back to its best performance and economy.  We also tune diesel engines, servicing or replacing injectors and pumps as needed.  We are very aware that different vehicles have different tune cycles, depending on the manufactures’ recommendations, so we always check this when tuning your vehicle. 

On occasions we have encountered problems with contaminated fuel, both petrol & diesel, from either a wrong blend or just dirty fuel.  This can adversely affect the engine tune and may require extra work to rectify.  Below are some examples of what we have experienced in our workshop & the steps we take to fix them. 

  1. Water contamination (after a flood period) - We will remove and clean fuel tank, replace fuel pump and filters. Injectors and pressure regulators may need replacing as well.
  2. Incorrect fuel mix (refinery or tanker issue) - We will drain the fuel tank, fit good fuel, replace fuel filter & spark plugs, reset long term & short term fuel trim memory, & re-tune the engine.
  3. Diesel engines (incorrect fuel put in tank at bowser)  DO NOT DRIVE! DO NOT PUT KEY IN IGNITION!  Ring tow operator and deliver vehicle to our approved workshop. We will drain the fuel tank, flush fuel system, replace fuel filter,  & fill the tank with fresh diesel & test.      

Edward's Mechanical offers a full range of expert car services including:

  • Tuning
  • EFI diagnostic analysis & repairs
  • Engine Fault code scanning & clearing

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